Giving Thanks…Anyways

Her laughter is contagious, don’t you know. I wish I could play it for you on here. She was laughing when I answered the phone. “Katie!!!! I just sat in a high school auditorium for 12 minutes waiting for a concert that never was.” I started laughing and wiped my greasy forehead. It had been a sweaty day. “It was so quiet. I heard nothing. I sat as still as possible, and there was not even one footstep down the hall. Not one light switch switching.” I could really picture Beth, sitting there as still as she could listening for any signs of life and being amused and exasperated all at once that in fact her son was not going to be in a concert in this particular venue.

I’m not sure about you, but this week has been a doozy. With both cars in the shop in one week, my hard drive on my laptop dying and unrecoverable, curriculum writing underway, school programs coming at us right and left, and state rodeo finals coming up, I’m ready to go to bed and start over. My sister-in-law making me laugh always helps, and that she did today.

So, we laugh, we wonder when we will sleep again, and we are grateful for simple things like money to fix our cars, friends who fix laptops, and healthy active children. And the list goes on:

711. dogs who snuggle with girls during movie watching

712. boiled eggs

713. finally remembering to buy band-aids of which my youngest is addicted….only remembered because of the tornado lock-down at Target

714. a bathroom finally finished

715. coffee or tea…you pick

716. my editor telling me that a writing project is at the printer this very moment 🙂

717. a-gold-sparkly-headband-kind-of-running day

718. an ongoing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off quote-off with my sister-in-law….um, I’m winning right now with: “You’re not dying. You just can think of anything good to do.”

719. a lot of piano playing going on at my house

720. watching our second daughter Maile play Hamlet. She was rather good at welding the sword. Hmmm.

721. a day of prayer

722. a visit from my dad and his wife…their undying patience as we rodeoed all day long

723. random texts of encouragement

724. red raspberry jam

725. yoga head-stands

726. making plans to help victims of the tornadoes at the rodeo finals

727. a mustache slumber party

In the end, no matter your day, your week, your year, and that’s hard to say considering what’s happened in the world just this week, may we all give thanks anyways, even if we  are weary, sad, or even if we feel like pushing back our chair from the table of gratefulness and walking away. We might just find that offering up thankfulness leads to hope and light and joy and a way to prayer. Join me in giving thanks.


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