Photo Credit: Jennings Photography

Photo Credit: Jennings Photography

Hi! I miss you blog people. I’m in the middle of a writing project amidst kids, work, rodeo, and school. So, it’s been hard to blog. Hey, also did you know I’m writing a little ole book? Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Actually, you can tell anyone. I just don’t know when it will be done, and my publisher is very nice to me. So, spit-spot, I must heave back into the writing chair for this night is still young.

I am determined to face this project and the others with the determination I see on my daughter’s face in this photo of her at the state junior high rodeo finals.

Also, she mentioned that her hand looks a little Jedi-force-ish and I could use some of that too.

I’ll be back.


One thought on “Determination

  1. DETERMINED! Thanks for your “word of the day”!!! I too have many projects heaped one on top of another with folks depending on my initiation, action and follow through. It’s summer and determination is not suppose to be the operative mode, but “it is what is,” as the saying goes. Positive outcomes are carrots dangling in my future and just like a horse I’ll do anything for a carrot!!

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