Taylor Swift was blaring, and they all knew the words. The mini-van was kicking it. We were on our way to a waterpark for Lydia’s 8th birthday. I’d lost count of girls. I promised to get a head count before we get in there. The variance in my life makes me smile as I thought of the social work home visits I had made the day before. Just when Party in the USA was coming up the girls started finding a few things in the back seat that they have been looking for.

It’s a theme. Lately we’ve been finding things. A phone that’s been missing for two weeks, an iPod that’s been missing for a year, a book I never read. I can tell you there were some happy folks around here when those things were found. Except me. I can’t read that book for awhile.

My mother gave me an antique jewelry box at the very end when she was in hospice. All of us had already been through all of her jewelry with her and she had carefully given away all that anyone wanted. I never thought about what was left in that jewelry box, but I knew I wanted the box. Lately, I’ve been finding new pieces…earrings, a necklace in there that I want to wear. I feel like a kid in the mornings when I look in there. I’m amazed at what I find. And, I love wearing things that she wore.

What are you looking for? I’m looking for rest right about now.  I’ve been working all day, and it seems like the longest day.

There is really nothing like turning a paper in at 11:49pm that is due at 12:00am. I have a knot in my back, my lower half is numb from this black leather chair, red paint is chipping off my desk, and there is coffee everywhere. But, I am finished. It’s not even a good paper, but I’m happy. I’m happy it’s done. And I’m happy that I found something today when I was scanning in documents for my paper. It’s this old photo. My hair in it seriously keeps it real around here. Wow. But, don’t look at me. Look at that lovely lady next to me. We are smiling. She is dropping me off for summer camp.


I just found it. And it took my breath away for a minute because I miss her so. Also, I have to admit I can’t get over that giant pin she is wearing.

This past week I was at a prayer retreat where I began to find some rhythm in the breathing of life again. I also found some new friends and some very old ones. I found some rest and some quiet. I found that all really might be well after all.

What are you looking for? I hope you find it. Whatever it is could give you a glimpse of hope and light and a lifting of sorrow. 🙂

Going for that rest now. Plus, I might look for that giant pin. I’ll just bet you….it’s in that jewelry box.

May God keep you silent. May God give you words. May God help you listen. In Christ who is within us, Amen.


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