Ways to Go


Have a ways to go?
Know which way to go?
Need a way forward?
Me too.

I went for a jog the other evening in the pasture. I didn’t really know which way I wanted to go. I just ran. I ran hard with heart pumping and muscles burning. I ran the day away. I followed the cattle paths and along a fence until I ran out of both. My ankles were starting to turn. I had bright red scratches on my legs, and there were mesquite thorns in my shoes. I called to Dot (my dog), “Let’s turn around.” I set my sights on the salt flats, and Dot was already down there when I reach the hill. I couldn’t help but follow her into the gush. I ran for awhile until my shoes began to melt into the gooey sand. I ran to the top of the hill and stopped. I spun around. I was hot, and my head was starting to throb. Now which way?


When things begin to spin, it’s hard to have direction. It’s true that maybe we focus too much on the direction we are going. Maybe to stop the spin, it’s best to just sit and be and see the place we are in. Breathe in. There is that breeze and that sunset and that salt we all need. I licked my lips and tasted it. Salt everywhere.

Maybe all that’s needed is a little staying. A little breathing. A little tasting. A few thorns. A little gushy mess. A little being. After all, what else is there?


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