The Blank Page

I wish you could see my house. It has exploded with sleeping bags, water bottles, flashlights, bug spray and much more. It’s a camping gear explosion. We like to be prepared. I’m the camping list guru. But, I don’t always follow my own list. Figure that out. It’s a good list. You can use it if you want.

There are children everywhere around here too. But I’m pretty sure that’s normal. Pretty sure…but I am a bit delirious. We are about to drive a really long way from normal life for awhile. Not that we have a normal life.

All you’ve gotten from me lately is a blank page. If it makes you feel any better, unless your name is work or graduate school, a blank page is all I’ve had to offer. I’m ready more than anything to get to the mountains. So, why don’t you come too. You probably need to get away.

There are some things we might need to unpack before we pack. So, do that too. There is a blank page waiting, and I can’t wait to see it filled.

So, put some old music on Pandora to get you moving. You can dance too because then your children will laugh until they can’t help but dance with you too. Then they can make comments about how weird music used to be. And you can impress them with all the Paula Abdul lyrics you didn’t even know that you knew.

Then there are questions that need to be answered…like “Do we really need 100 plastic spoons?” This is always where the rubber meets the road for me, and I have to admit or confess or just be honest that I am not the minimalist I wish I was. Hey, almost everyone likes the idea of minimalism. We like stuff too, though.


Hey, you should bring your bear spray. We’re hard core backcountry this year. You don’t need much else. Food and water maybe. Definitely a hair brush for all these children to prevent dread locks unless you like them. I like them, but I don’t think they would look cool on me.

Now get packing. We have a page to fill.


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