Back on the Grid


When I drove away from these mountains, I’ll admit to you no little sadness. What a lovely place! We are on our way back to reality and back on the grid after 5 days total with 3 days in the backcountry at the Grand Teton National Park. And although we are experienced family campers, it was our first time to backcountry camp with the kids. It was a great experience.

It got me thinking that even though I’m happy to be back on the grid and I cannot wait to shower,there’s a little backcountry I’d like to bring home with me. We survived just fine without 4G and many other things like…


Any other condiment…sandwiches taste just fine without them

Hairbrush…you can use a fork if you’re desperate


Shampoo…you’re not going to wash your hair anyways

Deodorant…not essential but your friends might like you better if you bring it.

Cheese (although my brother in law Cole would like to remove this from the non essential list)

Extra clothes…although we decided maybe extra socks are necessary after 2 days in the same ones.

Salt or Seasoning…even oatmeal is gourmet on top of a mountain

What is essential in the backcountry is sharing. You share snacks. You share water. You share too much information. You share dinner. You share fuel. You share weight. You share space. You share germs. You carry each other’s trash. You share smells..some good and some not so good. You share bowls and spoons. You definitely share ibuprofen. And best of all you share the beauty you are witnessing.

We shared. And we didn’t waste. We marveled. We delighted. We survived with our legs for transportation. It was a great accomplishment especially for the children. Couldn’t we all bring a little backcountry home with us?

I can’t wait to tell you all about it…but first maybe just enjoy this last view with me?


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