CharlesI don’t know about you, but I’m an observer. If you are a writer or any kind of artist, you are an observer. So, take a look around you every once in awhile. Put your paw up on the ledge and look out, why don’t you. A few years ago I was trying to learn to draw (very badly of course); my teacher told me it’s all about observing the lighting.  I wish this was a serious post because that is a good lead in to a sermon that you and I probably both need. But, alas, the coffee is on the desk and curriculum awaits. My writing partner on this project, Marti, just told me we have to turn in our drafts by Rosh Hashanah. That’s next Wednesday, by the way. She’s a funny one, that Marti. She should blog or something. So, my brain’s working hard tonight, but I had to stop by and say I haven’t forgotten about you. Plus I feel like giving you my top 10 observations for the week.

1. Our guinea pig Charles, has bigger lips than Jenny the Guinea. This is kind of weird because she is a bigger pig than he is pretty much in every way. Also, guinea pigs should only take photos at certain angles. It’s better that way.

2. Six year old’s are quite funny. Our youngest child was walking around rolling a rolling pin up and down on her body.  What could I do but ask: “What are you doing?” And she said,”It makes me feel flattened! I like it!”

3. Apparently the fun is over in 3rd grade. It is all business. Plus if the class doesn’t finish their work by recess and snack, there is no recess or snack.

4. The middle schoolers in the house were in competition with the 3rd grader about when the fun is really over. A. They have no recess. B. They have no snack. C. If they don’t get their work done, they get detention, bad grades, eventual suspension, and then life is pretty much a wash.

5. Mom’s can be a downer. I tried to compete by saying if I didn’t get my work done, I wouldn’t get paid, and then we wouldn’t have money to pay bills or eat. No one laughed. Yeah, it was a pretty much a downer.

6. Two teenagers plus a mom at Walmart on 8pm after the first day of school equals a few more gray hairs, a big bag of candy, and some Pringles.

7. Not all No. 2 pencils are equal. In fact, some of them shouldn’t get to be No. 2.

8. It can be hard to advocate for people. It is. Try it. But, it’s worth it.

9. The Mother Superior on the Sound of Music was right. It’s highly recommended that you climb every mountain that you can.  Cross every stream. It’s worth it. Maybe don’t hold your notes out as long as she did though. Maybe a little less vibrato too. Or not.


10. An observant stance is rewarded….baby deer running across the road in front of my car, a wylie coyote running from me during an early morning run, and the light off the lake during that same run. Thanks be to God.

photo (9)


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