What’s Cool

You know what’s cool? When you open the sliding glass door to your house and all you can smell is your old dog’s breath. Ugh. What’s really cool is that we can open the windows and let that funky business out.

Hi! You forgot about me didn’t you? Well, thanks. Traitors.

Wait, wait. I was just kidding. Don’t go anywhere. I’ve actually accomplished a lot the last few weeks. It’s just that blogging hasn’t been part of those accomplishments.  What’s cool is that you are reading this now! Yay!

Hey, you know what’s cool? Blue screens! I love blue screens! Not. Yes, I know it’s not cool to say “Not” after sentences anymore. I’ve had the cool briefing/press release very recently. If you need help, here’s what the cool kids in the house told me:

No one says “the bomb” anymore.Definitely not the “b-zomb.” I liked that one. Not. Also, you really should say “Psych!” to your kids. They feel disturbed. Also, you shouldn’t say someone dissed you or ratted on you or fronted you. Or phat. Yeah, you’re a little impressed that I know all these archaic slang terms, aren’t you? So, what’s cool, you ask? “Cool beans.” “That’s amazing!” “Cool.” You can say cool anytime you want. I don’t know why, but it’s a classic. Phew. I needed a word I could count on!

So, my blue screen and I were trying to blog earlier, but we just decided to hang out and watch the computer try to restore while saying in a weird, blue DOS-type way that it is crash dumping. Now, that’s not cool. Don’t ever say crash dumping again. Raise your hand if you want your computer to tell you it is crash dumping? I didn’t think so.

But, I’m back! And let me tell you what has happened. I ran a half-marathon!!!! It was my first one, and it was super fun. Since this isn’t a running blog, I can still be proud to tell you my time was 2:01! I trained for it (slowly)  since the summertime. The week of the race, people in my family started throwing up. Don’t you love being in this large family? It’s awesome. We share everything, but not this time. What’s cool is that I managed to avoid sickness and have fun at the race.

What’s very cool is that I’m nearing the end of my graduate school work! Instead of blogging, I’ve been writing a lot of papers. Cool, huh?

We are rodeo people. You already know that. But, what you didn’t know is that I’ve been converted. I’m really from the city. Except now I can saddle and feed and cinch up girths and buckle on spurs and hold goats. We go to a few rodeos and if you count in practice, this takes a lot of time. What’s cool is that our girls are doing very well at this rodeo sport, and I’m very proud of them.

The one-year anniversary of my mother’s death was this month. I was able to spend a good part of that day with my siblings. It was a hard day, and we ate together and went to the cemetery. A friend of mine mentioned to me that a day of remembrance is a whole-self thing. It’s tiring. What’s cool is that we were together and we remembered her well. We remembered what it was like a year ago. I remembered her hair and her hugs and her love and her voice. I remembered her bravery and how relieved I was that she wasn’t having to keep track of blood counts anymore. I still have her text stream on my phone, and I’m not ready to delete it.

What’s cool is that I’m writing a little book. I don’t actually think it will be little, but it won’t be big either. But, those are my reasons for not blogging. I miss ya. I really do. And, I plan to be here more often.

So, we’re cool, right?


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