Resolving 2014


It is her birthday. Did you know? But what do you get a 112 year old dog? She is worth her weight in the compassion she provides for us all. Of course she only weighs 9 pounds. She looks up at me with her cloudy eyes, and she can’t hear me but still responds. She looks tired. Tired to start another year. But, there might be a tiny bit of bounce left in her brought to you by the tennis ball that was in her stocking. Yes, she is tired, but she still gets up in the morning. She does the usual business of business outside, eating, drinking, and proceeding to the first naptime of the day. She fulfills her job description by still greeting us all when we return home and giving us the obligatory wag for the pet. She loves us in her way. So we feed her, make sure she is warm enough and give her carrot bits when she wants them. She’s old, but she still gets up and she still stays with whoever is sad or sick. She wanders the yard and looks around at the trees and the sky. She has no illusions about what she can and can’t do; although sometimes I see her surprised at how high she can still jump. She seems content with the place she is in until the moment when she isn’t. She just does what she can, and faces another year.

And she inspires me…

…to resolve to start another year.

Tired, but doing the usual business that I do.

Finding that place that can give me a little bounce or a kick brought about by some treasure.

Perhaps to wander the world a bit.

Definitely to look around at trees and sky and words and flowers and truth.

Maybe to do more than I think I can with less….holding the heavy and the light all together. Participating in creation of new.

Dreaming will be necessary, but only a few illusions….just living and seeing the dreams that can become real.

Being surprised at what those dreams really are; hopeful for delight in how high we can actually all jump.

Grasping contentment more moments than less in the place I am in.

This is resolving, this year.


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