Raise Your Hand

If you found a tarantula head in your slipper this evening after you’d been wearing it all night! Just the head. It was crunchy and old. I keep telling myself that at least.

If you’re still awake blogging! Go to bed!

If you spent the weekend in NOLA! What a city. Wow! A blog to come, “Candid in NOLA”

If you found a tarantula head in your washing machine while switching the 1,409th load for the night. Theme here?

If you need more money! Yeah. Join the crowd, sucker.

If you like to take on too much! It’s great fun until it’s not, but then it’s fun again, so it is.

If 50% of your children are sick. It’s not fun. Ever. It’s poop.

If you are like adrenaline and risk, but you want to be responsible and faithful also.

If your 8-year-old recently told you that you’re very in touch with your inner child. Hmm.

If you have a “Super-Star” speech you pull out to simultaneously encourage and embarrass your children. It has motions. Let me know if you need a little encouragement.

If you’re glad you use dial. Sorry, this was the best I could end with. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

But hey, you’re welcome for my whimsical post.


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