Jump Out There and Be Somebody

413Have you ever been driving and come up to a circle intersection? It’s all kinds of fun. There really isn’t a stopping place. There is a lot of merging. It’s a crossroads in a round sort of way. Many years ago, I came to a circle intersection with my husband in the passenger seat. He started fussing at all the people who hesitated at that circle. I chuckled as he yelled, “Jump out there and be somebody!” It really is true. You can pause if you need to, but hesitating too long causes problems for everyone. A brief yield is all you need most of the time to ensure safety. You’ll never find the perfect go round by waiting. Chances are, if you jump out there, you’ll get somewhere faster.

Life feels like a circle intersection too. Also, when you don’t blog for a long time and it’s not part of your task list anymore and you have so much built up in your brain for writing it has meshed all together in this big blob of ideas, it feels like a circle intersection. And sometimes you feel like you should start with this great post to remind people why they used to read your blog. And so you just don’t. Or you jump out there and be somebody which is what I am doing today. I’m saying sayonara you dumb circle intersection of writing. I’m going somewhere Jack. Sorry if your name is Jack. I actually like that name.

Hey! We just returned from Yosemite National Park. So, in case you were keeping track or counting which I’m sure you wouldn’t keep track of my vacations….we have been to 6 national parks now! Yay! Aren’t you proud? I’m not really trying to go to all of them, but if we do, I will probably bragblog about it. I really want to tell you about our vacation, but I never finished telling you about last years. I might need to finish the Grand Tetons 2013 before you hear Yosemite 2014. But, I will give you a teaser.

Yosemite 2014

I glanced around at Claire and she was holding Matt’s hand and taking each step as it came. Her blonde hair bounced in her pony tail, and she didn’t say anything. I was behind Lydia who was heaving with every giant rock step. Her legs had carried her many miles already, and I was confident in her abilities to make it to the top. First you go uphill for about 3 miles to hike to the base of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The trail has a good incline for some parts, and it is mostly wooded with rocks. Then you reach the end of the forest where a friendly park ranger sits on a rock with a tablet.

The park ranger took our names to check our Half Dome permits and asked me if all of the kids were going. I just nodded and said, “As far as they can.” “You’re the parent,” he said without condescension. Then you climb up rock. There are steep steps some of the way, and then there is granite that you kind of boulder up. This is the part I was on when I glanced back at Claire. I looked at Matt in question. His eyes held the same question and no answer. So, I turned around to follow Lydia. Anna and Maile were way ahead with their other cousins and my brother-in-law Cole. The rock went on forever and then finally we made it to the base of the Half Dome Cables. Everyone just stood there looking up at those cables with their hands on their hips. I could hear their thoughts, All that! And now this?!!!


……To be continued……


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