Things for Your Mundane

What you need (to combat the mundane), baby I’ve got it.

1. Wonder Woman socks…with capes on them. Yeah. I’m wearing them now. The kids don’t really question me. They actually think they are super cool. Super. Cool. I love Wonder Woman when I was a kid. I mean, she could lift a car and block bullets with her wrist-metal-things. The socks can help you with your household chores. Really. I mean it.
2. Your kids. Just stop and listen. Their perspective is priceless…and quite the opposite of mundane. Lydia recently discovered that she really likes to ride her bike. You have to understand. Mostly we ride horses. We had a few home nights and she’s been riding her bike a lot. She came in all sweaty the other night and said, “Well!” “Well, what?” I asked. “I just had the time of my life,” she said dryly. I whipped around to catch her expression, and she was grinning from ear to ear. She meant it. I laughed hard and told her I was so glad.

3. Caramel apples. You can laugh, but making them yourself complete with children helping is messy and rewarding. It’s hard to get the caramel all on the apple. Then it’s challenging to pull the darn thing off the wax paper. Then you get to eat a yummy treat. And also, after awhile, your jaw hurts and you wonder how long you have to keep chewing on this thing. Plus, your twelve-year-old might sigh with you, both of you chewing and chewing, and say, “This apple is kinda making me tired.”
4. Plans. Camping plans. Book plans. Household plans. Plans are fun and helpful and reduce stress.
5. A race down the pier. Don’t be afraid. So what if a nail rips on your barefeet a bit. Be the one to call it! Go, run, go!


6. A day of remembrance. It’s some of these days that sometimes make you wish for the mundane. Days of remembrance can be a whip, but they are necessary. My mama has been gone for two years now. I felt numb the whole day long. I couldn’t really tell you about it. It just is what it is. She was a lovely person complete with all the humanity that we all have. I love her. She loved me and annoyed me at times. She knew me. I miss her voice and her eyes. She’s still in my favorites on my phone, and I still have a text stream from her I can’t seem to delete. So, if you want great joy, great sorrow comes too. One of the last things Mom wanted to do was to go to my niece’s wedding. I was her date. It was a great night, and she looked elegant. Here we are now. Remember with me, and forget the mundane….and be glad for it in the morning.



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