They’re Watching You

So, my 2nd child was bee-bopping around the house, and her sister said in an oh-so-sisterly-voice, “Maile, you look kind of like a soccer mom with your hair and everything.” I laughed. And then she began her performance. She had been going for a while when I started filming. I was crying because I was laughing so hard. In fact, I think you can hear me. Anna fell out of her chair. Matt was chuckling. Oh, man.

This video is proof that your children are watching you. Not only are they watching, but they are compiling. This is twelve years of research and inferencing, folks, and not just of me and Matt. Of you, of aunts and uncles, of grandparents, etc. Now, now don’t look so discouraged. This is actually good news, I told myself, as I reflected on how funny this was to me. I’m just wondering if we actually know how cool this is. These little women in my house are their own people for sure, but what an opportunity I have to get it right!

What an extraordinary thing this parenting is. Don’t start crying to me about the daily. I know all about it, and I have those moments too when I see the hairball in the corner and the laundry basket and the kid project we still have to finish. Just take a deep breath, get organized, and do your laundry. I don’t just mean your clothes. If something needs to change, change it. Change the order of things. And then go. Bring them along. Be together. Don’t try. Just do.

They’re watching you. It’s extraordinary. Don’t miss it.

P.S. Please don’t tell Maile I said she was bee-bopping. She might freak out.


2 thoughts on “They’re Watching You

  1. They sure are watching and collecting primary source information for future debates. Your post made me think about those moments we live imperfect- and one day I saw how through my own missing-it moments I am able to show them the path to the father’s mercy seat – and that even in the failings there is opportunity to reveal God’s amazing grace. I love the daily- that’s where some of the best living happens! Shalom!

  2. So true! Love this perspective. If things aren’t working as a parent then don’t be afraid to change tactics.I used to tote all 5 of my kids around, including Dr. Will and his mischievous- now-pastor-in-Alaska, brother, Daniel. As a family, we had many unusual adventures being “together.” The inside bank tellers always waited on me pronto when the kids were around. That many “ping pong balls” flying all over the place brought out the service-so -we’ll-survive MO in everybody:)

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