Rhythm Nation

IMG_0380I’m looking for some rhythm. No, unfortunately not cool rhythm like Janet Jackson. I just need structure. In all areas. STAT. It’s an Emergency. I told my husband this, and he informed me that there is Emergen-C up in the cabinet and I should probably take some because my cough sounds so horrible. That was helpful. Not really.

I’m wondering about the state of your house. Did you know your home has a culture? It’s like a little nation. There’s rhythm (even if it’s chaotic). There’s rules…written and unwritten. There’s a few people in charge, and there’s a lot of people making a mess and cleaning it up. Some people take more responsibility than others. It depends on the day. Some people don’t care and just want to stretch out on the couch leaving their socks and popcorn kernels lying around.

There are animals who are dependent on you to give them water. There’s economy here, and there’s a lot of consumption. Frequently there are sick people. There’s complaining, and there are crises. There’s land to care for, and machines are breaking and working all the time. Every once in awhile, someone asks, “What exactly are we here for? What is our purpose?” Sometimes people forget where things came from, and sometimes there’s a massive clean up that needs to be accomplished. Perspectives about the culture can be worked and reworked. New roles may need to be established. Major transformation doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes. Most days people just want to get their stuff done and have some time to chill.

So where’s the rhythm? Mutual purpose? Finding true value? The method of decisions? Respect? Love? Where is it?

Where is it for you? What keeps it all flowing for you? Is it easy for you? Does everyone in your house have a mutual purpose? Do you like the culture of your home? What part do you contribute? Are you a leader? Who drives this train?

You’re helping me. I’m starting to see. But, I would like to know the real answers to my questions if you have some time to waste. I’m starting to see that this rhythm of this nation is about what we are after. Our households have a purpose to be a refuge but also to be a starting block. The culture of this household doesn’t just have to be about consumption…it can be about economy too. This place, this house, this little nation can have a rhythm of which we all play our own part. It’s a safe place where people can dream, get real with each other, and grow. It’s a place to rest and to create. It’s where we put our feet up and where we pull weeds.

This place sounds pretty important. Really.

So, why would there be chaos allowed here? This place needs to be peaceful and orderly. Systems have to be created and learned and will only work when built around the mutual purpose of this place. Deep breathing, good rest, and hard work can be taught and learned and had by all in this rhythm nation.


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