You might say this was Eliot’s agency moment, the moment when she began the process by which she would stop being blown about by her voids and begin to live according to her own inner criteria, gradually developing a passionate and steady capacity to initiate action and drive her own life.

Agency is not automatic. It has to be given birth to, with pushing and with effort. It’s not just the confidence and drive to act. It’s having engraved inner criteria to guide action. This agency moment can happen at any age, or never. -from Pg. 164 The Road to Character by David Brooks


There is a way to greatness. Can you not see?

It is not what you think. It’s not about giving all you have to give.

It’s about giving the right thing.

Letting go at the right moment. Finding the discipline you need for that thing you do.

It is easy to think its about wearing yourself out. Or being poor. Or being rich. Or having a lot of kids. Or having none. Or public school. Or home school. Or Republican. Or Democrat. Or staying at home. Or working. Or eating paleo. Or working out. Or being fat. Or being thin. Or eating gluten. Or not.

But it’s not about any of that. Really. You already knew that, didn’t you.

It’s there. For you. Waiting. Greatness.

But this moment of agency seems to be a precursor…to becoming a leader, to knowing and seeing what true greatness is.

I realized after I read the passage quoted above that this is what we are moving towards as people, as parents, as leaders. Unlocking potential is what I want to do with my daughters and others; giving them all space for a moment, their moment of agency is essential.188

Agency comes in circular movements and it also comes full circle. With Super Bowl and Lent ahead…Here’s to you and the way of super greatness, to agency, and to the space we need to find it.

To not be driven by external criteria.

To not be so blown about by economic disruption, arbitrary leadership and general chaos….making our way to “engraved inner criteria to guide action.”

You know it’s about time….for you.


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