A Short One

Once upon a time I changed my blog theme. It only took me two years to find a new theme I liked. Also, it was free. I was happy. And I have more power to change on it.

Who doesn’t want more power to change stuff?

All of us.

Also, I’m reading a financial book you’re probably going to want to read. It’s giving me chest pain. Not really. Well, kinda. But, the good kind. The kind where we know we need to change. And the kind where you realize you actually do have the power to change stuff. Lots of stuff.

And, Sean T almost killed me tonight in my Insanity workout.

And all the kids liked the fish at dinner so we feel like winners.

Plus the whole family is doing a 5K race on March 5th. Everyone around here is going to bed tired from good old exercise. Power.

Also, we are hiking the Grand Canyon this summer so it’s good that they are running. Really good. Because we are going to the bottom this time. And I am not carrying them. Or their water.

Although I probably could. Thanks to Sean T. Speaking of which, I better go to bed.

The End.

P.S. You’ve got the power. Haha. Seriously though. It’s all you. You’re in it. Dig deeper. Okay, good night.


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