IMG_0138It’s messy around here. Matt is painting the kitchen (I’m only really good at the priming part). There’s tools everywhere, and I think I am the only one who cares about clutter or being clean. Except tonight I don’t care at all.

I made spaghetti, and I’m waiting for it to get loud in here. It won’t be long. There has been a lot of meetings, expectations, and emotions this week, and I can hear all of you with your collective “it’s Monday tomorrow” sigh.

Speaking of the dog, she’s so old and not doing very well. She wandered around all night last night and wandered some more. It’s sad. I was feeling sorry for her until I saw what I had to clean up this morning before we went to church. I know a lot about dementia, but not in dogs. We all ran a 5K this weekend, and everyone did great. But, the old girl didn’t come. She was never a good runner, anyways. She pees too much when you are walking her.

So, what do you do with your dog is 126 years old in dog years, and she is feeling poorly and disoriented. Is it time? More love? More vet bills? More letting go? And what else? I’ll keep you posted. I’m watching her breathing patterns right now.  It’s been a long road, Tater. We love her so.



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