Road trip part 2


   Yay for another road trip stop!!! If you are passing through New Orleans (or close enough to stop) with your family….here is your to do list:
1. Get some beignets and coffee. 

2. Walk around. Watch a magic show.

3. See NOLA through the kids eyes….they keep commenting on smells…

4. Go in St. Louis Cathedral. Sit down and breathe. 

5. Walk down Bourbon St. Educate carefully. 

6. Have some lunch at Pat O’Briens. Wait for a good table and then be thankful you’re not in the rain when it starts.

7. Walk in the rain. You won’t melt. 

8. Buy an alligator egg. Stop and listen to the saxophone solo. 

9. Answer lots of questions from the kids about life and differences and culture. 

10. Watch the making of pralines. Taste them. 

11. Get in your car thankful and drippy from the rain.



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