Kid’s Writing Corner: The Meaning of Christmas

This is a story that I gladly share with you that was written by my daughter Maile (10 years old) about last year’s Christmas.

The Meaning of Christmas by Maile Sciba

It was Christmas Eve and I had just put the finishing touches on the cross-stitched snowman I was making for my grandma. I couldn’t wait to give it to her. I wrapped it up and put it under the tree. The next afternoon she would open it up and hopefully she would love it.

Christmas Day came. Finally, all of the family members were here so we could start opening the presents. The problem was we did it youngest to oldest, and my grandma was the oldest one there. So, I had to wait for everyone else to open their presents before I could give grandma hers. So we began the present opening.

Once everybody except for grandma had opened their presents, I was so excited I couldn’t wait for her to see it!!! But I also wanted her to open my present last, and there were a ton of presents for her. So, once again I would have to wait. Then after a ton of hustle and bustle there was only one present left under the tree. It was the present I had made for my grandma!

I walked over to the little package I had set there the night before, picked it up, and handed it to her. Slowly, she started to open it. Once she had pulled it out, she studied it tracing her fingers across the stitches. She looked up at me from her chair. “I love it!” she said grinning. I was so happy! It felt so good inside to give her something. That’s how I learned that Christmas is a holiday of giving, not receiving.


Kid’s Writing: Get on Your Horse

All four girls are down with fevers starting last night. I was up all hours. I felt like I was a Tylenol distributor/Ibuprofen dealer. Cool cloth here, Gatorade there. You know what I’m saying. You can pray. I’m still standing! So, with that in mind, I’m publishing a story my 10-year-old, Maile, wrote this year in school. Yea for Kid’s Writing! Down with summer sickness!

Get On Your Horse

by Maile Sciba

“All right, Maile, get on your horse,” Dad said. I couldn’t wait. It was my first rodeo! I had a really good horse, too.

I started to warm up my horse, so she wouldn’t get hurt. I blinked as a soft breeze blew sand into my eyes. Just as I had finished warming up, the announcer said that I would be the first one doing the barrels. My stomach lurched in pain. I was so nervous.

My dad called for me, “Maile! Where are you?” “I’m right here,” I answered. He grabbed the end of my reins and calmly led my horse to face the barrel. My horse, Little Red, started going crazy. “Tell me when you’re ready,” he said in a struggling voice.

“Now!” I said firmly. He let go of the reins. Red sprang into action. It was like we had outrun my fear because my stomach ache was gone. My horse and I ran around the barrels as fast as a race car. I finished the perfect run. About two weeks later, I found a hundred-dollar check in the mailbox from the rodeo.

I figured out my talent. Do you know what your’s is? The thing is if you find out your talent, and if you really like it, you’ll want to work on it almost every day….just like me.

So, get on your horse.

The End.

Photo Credit: Donna Cole

Kid’s Writing: A Beautiful Canyon

by Maile (9 years)

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch went the gravel as my family and I hiked into the canyon. As usual Wynn, Lydia, and I were in the front. We marched in order: me, Wynn, and then Lydia.

We were hiking into Tuff Canyon at Big Bend National Park. Tuff is volcanic ash that has hardened into rock-like forms. It makes rough rock that is mostly white.

Suddenly, we saw a flat spot that looked exactly like a stage. The giant, gray slab of rock was tall, but we managed to shimmy up there. I acted as if I were a glorious actress and said, “Did you beware the Ides of March?” I said it in a British accent. Everyone laughed; I laughed too.

We ate lunch there. When we had finished eating, we found a cave that was made by a fallen boulder.

Everyone followed me as we climbed boulder after boulder. It was really fun. At the top, there was a big flat land. We ran around for a long time. I had so much fun. I can’t wait until the next hike!

Kid’s Writing Corner: I’m an Owl!

I’m an Owl!

by Anna

I’m not sure how it happened, but this is the incident that occurred one week ago. I went to bed perfectly human. Just as I was falling asleep, there was a dark shape moving towards my window–it was an owl! It turned at my window and flew into a nearby tree. How wonderful it must be to be an owl, I thought, a creature of the night, a bird of prey! The best reason to be an owl is because they fly.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up the next morning in a pile of feathers. I tried to pick one up, but it hurt me!

I stood up expecting to stand around five feet tall. Then it hit me: I was an owl! It took me a while to get used to having wings. You should try maneuvering talons and a beak. But, I was soon flying laps around the house. My mom was not too happy about having to pull me out of school, but I was! I like being an owl.

Kid’s Writing Corner: Dot vs. T-Rex

Dot vs. T-Rex: A Dinosaur Encounter

by Anna (11 yrs)

I woke up to the sounds: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Along with a few screams, I looked out the window, and there was a huge carnivorous beast in my back yard! Just then, it turned around and headed straight for our house! I screamed as a giant foot crashed straight through the wall and into my bedroom!

My dog, Dot, clamped onto the dinosaur’s scaly foot; the T-Rex shook and shook its foot, but Dot wouldn’t let go! Then Dot started climbing up the leg, and the T-Rex let out an enormous “ROAR!” It tried to pull Dot off, but its arms were too short!

Dot climbed up still further until she reached the T-Rex’s big, fat stomach. She bit down hard. The T-Rex let out another roar and fell with a huge BOOM!

Then the T-Rex yelled, “I just wanted a sandwich!” Dot cocked her head and ran out the hole in the house to her private cache. She came running back with a huge bunch of turkey sandwiches. From then on Dot and the T-Rex sat in the backyard eating sandwiches together.

The End

Family Friday: A Daughter’s Prayer

This prayer was written by my 9-year-old girl, Maile. I found it in her backpack. She likes to write :). This makes me smile. She loves to write about Jesus. This makes my heart ache in a good way. Make this truth your prayer today.

I am so amazed
That God gives us so much time
to learn that his love is all
we need. And if we trust him,
he will take care of us in
our darkest times, and even
when we’re hurt.


Destin Beach

Vacation Madness

I couldn’t just leave it at the beautiful kid-prayer. I just wanted you to know that this family is normal. Happy Friday.

A Daughter’s Autobiography

I found this autobiography in my oldest daughter’s book bag when I was going through all the papers and notebooks sent home at the end of the year. I asked her if I could publish it here, and she gave an emphatic yes. She is about to be eleven years old. I’d already been thinking of asking if the girls would like to have a little writing corner here, and then I came upon this! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Blessings! Katie

My Story…by Anna

I don’t plan to be rich and famous so I guess I have to write my own biography. Most people don’t like school. I am one of those people because I would rather be at my Nana’s ranch either playing around or mucking out stalls. I think the world should just share then there wouldn’t be any problems with money; nobody would be poor and nobody would be rich. I think without money, the world would be a much better place.

Now, most people plan to be rich and famous leaders. Me? I just want to be an ordinary person. Being a leader is too much stress for me. I would rather inherit my Nana’s ranch and live a long, happy life. My friend Katie who is a lot better person to be a leader than I am. She plans to be a rich and famous movie star! She says she’ll get me to be famous, too. I don’t mind as long as she gives me a behind the scenes pass! There is also my other friend Ashley. Her plans are about the same as mine: nice, calm, happy life (nothing too complicated).

A lot of people’s idea of fun is sitting around the house playing video games. My idea of fun is riding horses, going swimming and playing outside. Sometimes I want to be at my Nana’s house alone so I can be with all the animals without my sisters to bother me or little kids to pester me. Then I can play with the animals all alone. It is quite peaceful.

Sometimes I wish that people would just get along, but then I couldn’t play pranks on anybody. I think it’s almost swimming season because today at recess I was sweating so much you could have filled up a pool to the rim. Also, sometimes I wish kids could be sick when they wanted to so then they could take the day off whenever. But then the FBI might get involved, and that wouldn’t be any fun.

One time, I went to the Grand Canyon. Behind our campsite there was a forest. It was awesome! We watched a meteorite shower in a clearing. It was like there were huge balls of light falling to Earth! Our parents made us go on a long, hot hike each day with one bottle of water each. Another time, we went to Yellowstone National Park. There were also forests to play in there. But they were different. There were lots of fallen trees and strawberry and huckleberry plants! My cousins and I made a fort of fallen logs and wrote our names on it with charcoal. I hope other kids find them and take the fort for themselves. Maybe they can give the fort some upgrades!

That’s all for now.