3. Streaks

If you have teenagers who Snapchat, then you know what streaks are. Streaks in that world are daily snapchats with the same person. It doesn’t matter what you chat or snap. As long as you don’t miss a day. Well you and I….or rather the blog and I planned this 30 day streak and it only lasted a few days. So much for consistency in 30 days! But so much has happened since Day 2!

The good thing about streaks is that you can always start again and do better the next time! So I’m just picking right up where I left off with a Snapchat of my own. 

That photo up there…may look like a street sign to you. Well…it is also a true statement. I saw it this weekend on the way to a rodeo. I laughed out loud while the children made fun of me. Then I proceeded to pull my truck and trailer over on that country road and push my daughter out of the car to snap the pic. 

She laughed at me but was game for it especially bc the pic I took from the truck just wasn’t working. 

Rodeo is the best streak we have right now…and it’s good sweat producing, grit building family fun. I am so thankful for the experience of it with the girls. You should go experience it…at least once. I’ll see you tomorrow. 


Rodeo Days

1. Get your clipboard.

2. Pack your drinks.

3. Get your boots on.

4. Don’t forget your hat.

5. You’ll need a pen. image

6. Prepare yourself for a cheeseburger, a chili dog, nachos, or Frito pie. Those are your only options. Well sometimes there’s a chopped beef sandwich. Good stuff!

7. You might need to help set barrels, poles, or open chutes or drive a tractor or run calves back or work the stripping chute. Just be ready!

8. Bring your dog. The signs don’t really mean anything.

9. Eat your wheaties for breakfast because its going to be a long day. Actually it’s best if you pick up a sausage, egg and cheese taquito from the gas station on the way. Sticks to your ribs!

10. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you fall off. Sometimes you catch your calf. Sometimes you get bucked off. Sometimes you have a smoking run. It’ll be fun!

Kid’s Writing: Get on Your Horse

All four girls are down with fevers starting last night. I was up all hours. I felt like I was a Tylenol distributor/Ibuprofen dealer. Cool cloth here, Gatorade there. You know what I’m saying. You can pray. I’m still standing! So, with that in mind, I’m publishing a story my 10-year-old, Maile, wrote this year in school. Yea for Kid’s Writing! Down with summer sickness!

Get On Your Horse

by Maile Sciba

“All right, Maile, get on your horse,” Dad said. I couldn’t wait. It was my first rodeo! I had a really good horse, too.

I started to warm up my horse, so she wouldn’t get hurt. I blinked as a soft breeze blew sand into my eyes. Just as I had finished warming up, the announcer said that I would be the first one doing the barrels. My stomach lurched in pain. I was so nervous.

My dad called for me, “Maile! Where are you?” “I’m right here,” I answered. He grabbed the end of my reins and calmly led my horse to face the barrel. My horse, Little Red, started going crazy. “Tell me when you’re ready,” he said in a struggling voice.

“Now!” I said firmly. He let go of the reins. Red sprang into action. It was like we had outrun my fear because my stomach ache was gone. My horse and I ran around the barrels as fast as a race car. I finished the perfect run. About two weeks later, I found a hundred-dollar check in the mailbox from the rodeo.

I figured out my talent. Do you know what your’s is? The thing is if you find out your talent, and if you really like it, you’ll want to work on it almost every day….just like me.

So, get on your horse.

The End.

Photo Credit: Donna Cole